Monday, February 2, 2009

Why breathe?

1. Who? Donna-Michelle St. Bernard. Occupation: General Manager, emcee, playwright, upstart.

2. What is your Obsidian connection?
Participant in playwriting unit in 2006/2007. Playwright-In-Residence in 2008/2009. Longtime listener, first time caller. Fan.

3. Where have you been?
I have been ... within, consumed with looking forward, onwards, upwards.

4. When will we see you next?
As soon as you drop by Native Earth's office in the Distillery to find out what all the noise is about.

5. Why art?
Why breathe? Why spit? Why cry? It's how I was made; with the desire to show others what it all looks like from the side where I stand, and to shake the place where you stand just a little.

6. How's the city treating you?
Toronto and I are going Dutch, that way no one is expected to put out. I find if you let a city treat you, you can soon become a kept woman.

7. Complete the sentence: "2009 will be..."
2009 will be transformative.

8. What is your favourite "O" word?

9. The best?
The best is ... / being tested / by the energy you manifested; / power wrested / from the divine you have invested. / There's nothing better than to spit unrestricted, / negative evicted / afflicted with wickedness of the mouth. / Blessed by the breath you breathe out. / Not your own, / birthed by a spirit unknown. / It's silk purse made from my humble ear / a minute made from a year / this thing that I do here.

10.The worst?
Genocide. Coca Cola. Apathy. Sonic Youth. Just garbage, all of it.

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