Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunday Quickies

Three interesting posts on theatre philosophies:  What's so wrong with proscenium arch theatre?Noises off: What's the difference between performance art and theatre?Theater Talkback: Doing Your Homework.

When the living playwright writes about the living then things can get a little interesting.  The Play on Madoff, Without Wiesel 

The ever popular continuing debate on theatre tweeting:  Tweeting At the Theatre

Finally:  Two by Wendy Rosenfield:   ATCA 2010: Onward Christian Bloggers and  Seven Minutes in Hell

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Quickies

Starting off with what I like to call Theatre for the Bears:  Theater Talkback: Facing the Elements

and then moving right on to the the filthy lucre of    We cannot offset arts cuts, say philanthropists
and then to women in the arts:   Much ado about women: Modern-day reading or distortion?

and Black Pioneers:     Stanley E. Williams left major mark in theater

and finally to    From South Africa's townships to the opera house

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Quickies

Lynn Nottage hosts a party to   Forge a Festival for Black Playwrights and the Harlem Stage attacks a hefty deficit by expanding their programming and having it work.   A Harlem Arts Group Exhales

In the ongoing story of subsidiary rights a new round has been won.    NYMF Bows to Dramatists Guild

And a couple of articles that are not perhaps theatre related but some interesting food for thought.

Why Copyright

Out of Line