Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Panzi Wrap to Date

At the end of every performance of Ruined Yanna McIntosh did an appeal for donations for the Panzi Hospital in the DRC. This hospital specializes in providing treatment of the survivors of sexual violence and surgical repair for women suffering from fistulas of the urogenital tract.

A years stay at the hospital cost $450 and I am proud to say that our audiences responded with a whopping $32,524.53. That coupled with Obsidian's previous bake sales puts us at a current total of $34,446.53 which equals support of 76.5 women.

I know from the phone calls that have come in that there are also many more people who are donating to the Fistula Foundation, which oversees the Panzi Hospital, directly.

Now how absolutely AMAZING is that. The support from the audiences was spectacular but I also want to mention the bartenders at the venue who, a number of times, put their tips into the collection box.

The play is so, so special but this fundraising drive is truly one of the best put-a-smile-on-your face and a spring-in-your step kind of news.

We are all pretty pumped over here.

Ruined Wrap

Theatre review: ‘Ruined’ is, in a word, magnificent 
"this is one of the most powerful pieces of theatre you are likely to come
across in many months of theatergoing

Ruined: An earthquake of acting that will shake you

Congo war play 'Ruined' memorable 

Lynn Nottage’s devastating play is a life-changing theatrical experience

And in the end we had  a truly amazing production that was a great culmination of the last 3 years. I have come to understand that I am a completionist. In other words I can't really enjoy something until it is done and wrapped up.
I think that is why when I was asked what was the best part of the closing night I replied "sitting on the stool in the restaurant" It was only then that I really was able to unwind and  acknowledge what a fine piece of theatre we had created. 

So big, big props to the Obsidian staff,cast, crew, design team, Canadian Stage and the folks over at Nightwood.

Thank you