Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fed Up With Fear

1. Who: Mumbi Tindyebwa Occupation: Theatre Directing

2. What is your Obsidian connection?
Apprentice Director 2008-09

3. Where have you been?
Apprentice Director Late/Black Medea (Obsidian) Assistant Director, Its A Wonderful Life (Canstage), Assistant Director, Stephen and Mr Wilde (Hart House Theatre), Assistant Director, Loves Labors Lost (York University), Director, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When The Rainbow is Enuf (Hart House Theatre)

4. When will we see you next?
Directing '27 weeks' for the New Ideas Festival at Alumnae Theatre, March 11-14

5. Why art?
I tried running away from it for all the practical reasons, but i got fed up of fear and embraced that my passion in art made me who i am. Now i can't imagine ever doing anything else.

6. How’s the city treating you?
I love Toronto

7. Complete the sentence: “2009 will be…”
2009 will be a year of living the life of my dreams

8. What is your favourite “O” word?
Oh dear... Oh boy..

9. The best?
The best chicken roti i've ever had is at the Real Jerk on Queen and Broadview

10. The worst?
The worst food i have ever tasted was some expensive seafood at the Love Boat restaurant in Niagara. Never ever go there!

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