Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Universal Language

1. Who: Camille Lesley-Ann Walker Occupation: Actress, Poet, Playwright, Vocalist...(to narrow things down, I'm an "artiste").

2. What is your Obsidian connection? I am currently in the dramaturge apprenticeship program.

3. Where have you been? I am a recent graduate from Humber College for Acting and Performance, my most recent production was "Ina Di Wardrobe", written by Deidre Walton and directed by Rhoma Spencer.

4. When will we see you next? I am currently a part of The Mixed Company Theatre's ensemble for it's upcoming project based on a rendition of Three Penny Opera. Productions begins mid February.

5. Why art? Art is a universal language, it's like miracles; and miracles happens everyday...from the very moment we lay our head to rest and to the minute we wake up to begin a new day. Art speaks to the senses in more ways than one and it is through art that the heart, mind and soul experience a true therapeutic healing. I chose art because it is my destined quest to be a voice to the voiceless and provide healing for the troubled at heart and mind.

6. How’s the city treating you? The city is my canvas, my research mechanism...it speaks to me and through the many voices and sights, experiences and encounters I am forced to the next level of accomplishing my destiny. It is through the city that I am able to relinquish the fear of not making it in this tedious and competitive world and gain the strength to pursue even more what is dearest to my heart.

7. Complete the sentence: “2009 will be one of many rewards and accomplishment. I intend to live from the inside out and let my light shine in the lives of many. “In 2009 I will push even more than ever to accomplish my dream, my greatest challenge
is networking.”

8. What is your favourite “O” word? "OH"! sorry I have none.

9. The best? "The 'best' is just a step higher than what's better; and that's where I am going."

10. The worst? "The 'worst', well what we consider to be 'worst' are really what we can view as the portals to our greatest lessons...this is what provides us with the revelation as to how to manoeuvre our life’s task!"

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