Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Adventure is Life

1. Who: Name: Rita Shelton Deverell Occupation: TV producer/director, university professor, journalist, actress/playwright.

2. What is your Obsidian connection? On a galaxy long ago and far away I was on one of the early Boards of Directors. In 2007-08 a very proud member of the Obsidian Playwrights Unit.

3. Where have you been? Studio Lab Theatre, Globe Theatre, CBC, Vision TV,APTN, Saskatchewan Arts Board, OMNI, SCN, Bravo!; Winnipeg, Edmonton,Ottawa, and Saskatoon Fringe Festivals; SummerWorks reading "The First Stone," Obsidian Playwrights Unit, Storyteller-in-Residence, Centennial College, Centre for Creative Communications.

4. When will we see you next? OMNI TV, producer/director/writer of "Not a Drop", 1-hour docu-drama, March 21, 2009, the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, check local listings in primetime.

5. Why art? Art that makes a difference, in a number of different genres,is what I have been compelled to do for 55 years.

6. How's the city treating you? Check out my guest editorials in the Toronto SUN.

7. Complete the sentence: "In 2009 I will." In 2009 I will be living/working in a new part of the world for me, the Atlantic at Mount Saint Vincent University. Adventure is life.

8. What is your favourite "O" word? Obsidian.

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