Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Can't Complain

1.Who: Edwige Jean-Pierre Occupation: Actor/Playwright
2. What is your Obsidian connection? Played the role of Carol in Obsidian Theatre's production of Late by Marcia Johnson (Fall 2008) and Past member of Obsidian Theatre's Playwright Unit (2006-2007)

3. Where have you been? Spent the holidays in Ottawa

4. When will we see you next? Rhubarb Festival in Michael Rubenfeld's play called: An Exercise in Futility (Feb 18 - 22nd 2009) at Buddies in Bad Times. Theatre Arcipelago's production of Saint Bitch (World Premiere) Preview April 24-May 10 2009 at the Papermill Theatre

5. Why art? Why not?

6. How's the city treating you? Good, can't complain

7. Complete the sentence: “In 2009 I will…”
In 2009, I will stop and smell the roses

8. What is your favourite “O” word? Outrageous

9. The best? BBQ Ribs

10.The worst? Liver - Soooo grrrrooosssssss!!!

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