Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chutney & Various

Ok so it feels like we are using one attractive artist after another to raise this blogs profile. Ok it wasn't my idea but it sure is nice to know that I don't need to actually worry about content and just profile beautiful artists to give the hit counter a heart attack.

Well, while Harmony keeps posting I will try and keep some other content going as well.

Who needs onstage nudity?
Now isn't that a provocative image. Well I don't know about you but thus far onstage nudity has never advanced the story for me. In fact as soon as someone bares it everything stops while the audience puzzles it out, memorizes and then mentally comments on the attributes displayed. I remember seeing a production of Angels in America and in spite of the fine performances the only thing that really sticks is how one actors right testes hung so much lower than his left. I'm not sure that was the image the playwright wanted to leave.
It's hard though. How to convey sex, sensuality and eroticism within the context of the play and not take the audience out of it. During the Intimate Apparel rehearsals I remember saying that there was nothing more boring than watching other people have sex. And yet you have to convey that excitement or the moment fails.
Sex and theatre. They should be a horse and carriage and yet they aren't.

Stereotypes and Magic Negroes. Ok so maybe this will always be more of an American phenomenon than a Canadian one but like the definition of Black Theatre it just keeps on going around. Anyway.....some more grist for the mill.

And finally hands up if you are as bored with micro niche definitions of who we are. What the heck is up with Afri/Afro/-Canadian? I am in the midst of purging all that pc speak from our Mission and Mandate. I mean come on. All that back to Africa stuff makes me just a little crazy. I mean what is it that makes people think that melanin is the tie that binds. As if culture and life and experience doesn't matter.
It is just a bit of ultra violet protection folks. Not a way of life.

And with that I am out for the night leaving you with more pics and articles to come of the people that I have been privileged to work with over the last few years.

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