Friday, February 6, 2009

At the Heart of It All

1. Who: Raven Dauda Occupation: Actor/Writer/Designer (I could go on... but you get the idea)

2. What is your Obsidian connection?
I played Esther in their production of Intimate Apparel

3. Where have you been?
Y'all sound like my mamma...
I've been right here performing in shows such as;
Da Kink In My Hair
Wild Dogs
and the upcoming CTV series The Bridge

4. When will we see you (next)?
You can see me right now in Miss Julie: Freedom Summer, which is playing at The St.
Lawrence Centre Bluma Appel Theatre

5. Why art?
Why not art? How not art? Living in this world is just not possible without it, and it becomes clearer and clearer to me each day that not only am I an artistic being, but if I don't express myself in a creative manner daily my head would pop off...and that's just no good.

6. How's the city treating you?
This big 'ol city has treated me just divinely. I've received so much love from everyone over the years that I can only say "thanks" and "You guys rock!" and "I couldn't do what I do without learning from y'all and being so greatly inspired by what you do." Of course life in the city can be cold at times. Many times the answer is "no", but even then, at the heart of it all, the support from this crazy artistic community that I am so proud to be apart of was always there.

7. Complete the sentence: “In 2009 I will…”In 2009 "Yes We Can" (and do) make a difference!

8. What is your favourite “O” word?

9. The best?

10.The worst?

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