Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Sedina Show

1. Who: Sedina Fiati Occupation: Actor / Singer / Producer / Creator / Arts Administrator / Goddess / Good Friend

2. What is your Obsidian connection? Was the production apprentice for 2007/ 2008 season. Yeah!

3. Where have you been? Mostly Canada - spent a few months in Quebec(Montreal, Trois Rivieres and Trois Pistoles (oui, je parle francais). Vancouver (lovely), Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, Banff (beautiful!), recently New York City, Orlando & Titusville (exremely boring small town in Florida), Windsor (four years, where I went to university!). Trinidad when I was 8...

4. When will we see you next? In b current's production of Wise Woman in the chorus and in my cabaret, The Sedina Show.

5. Why art? Because I love it and apparently don't care about making a lot of money. Art makes us better people or so I tell myself as I use toonies to pay for my groceries...

6. How's the city treating you? Love Toronto, but the commute from Rexdale is getting me down. Need to move where a bunch of artistes live in the west end...anyone have a lead on an affordable apartment in the Ossington & Bloor, Dufferin & College area. If so, bye mom!

7. Complete the sentence: "In 2009 I will…": Oh god, I hate resolutions, but if I must...In 2009, I will walk more, eat less wheat and flirt more.

8. What is your favourite "O" word? oooo, Orgasm for sure.

9. The best? rice, beans, vegetables and cookies, hanging with friends with no time limit, turning off the alarm in the morning and getting up when you feel like, dancing like everyone is watching and dancing more because they are watching, doing what you actually want to do with your life despite the odds, being genuinely happy, good wine, the $25 mani/pedi at Lucy Nails, shopping deals, coupons and getting things by charming your way into them, a great musical

10.The worst? apathy, people not caring about art in this city and not bothering to support independent theatre, living your life to fit other people's ideals, people giving up on being artists without really trying and then blaming the "cold industry", mushy fruit in baked goods and well cooked fruit in anything, the fact that the government doesn't actually represent the people, but corporate interests, our society's unrealistic beauty standards, oppression, debt, consumerism, buying stuff you don't need, valentine's day.

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