Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Quickies

On the home front are a couple of stories that are bubbling along. Over at Praxis Theatre is a hefty post on the Harold Green Jewish Theatre pullout of Yichud Seclusion. The post has some good links in it. Especially the one to Now Magazine. Go, read, play follow the links.
Meanwhile over at the National Arts Centre it looks like the "company" ideal is back.

And up in Montreal, Simon Brault's new book has people paying attention.

Down south of 49 has a couple of interesting updates. First off it looks like a compromise has been reached in the Miracle Worker casting situation. The Drama Circle Critics bring in their inaugural on line member and the Actor's Fund is going on a major housing campaign.

Over the ponds comes some fears on the decline in actors at the regional theatres and finally a meditation on the critics changing roles.

And finally: Big, big props to Lynn Nottage for Ruined being chosen the #1 Play of 2009 by Time Magazine. Way to go Lynn.

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