Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Quickies

So you might want to get into the act and write your very own ending to a George Bernard Shaw play but will you be able to find a woman director to direct it?

You might want to check out this new way of accessing scripts on line. Sounds like a fine idea and I am wondering whether there might be a case to bring this plan to Canada.

I say, of course critics can booze it up before the show as long as the actors get to do the same.

And then some thoughts on theatre photography. A skill that I must say has declined since the advent of digital cameras. Well not as far as the pros are concerned but they are getting less work as everyone thinks they can do an equal job. I have to say that being handed a couple of dvd's after a photo session and having to pick, crop and photo shop my own images loses its appeal after the first couple hundred images.

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