Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunday Quickies

Yes I know that this is actually Saturday night but I just finished a day and a half Aikido Seminar and my Sunday is going to be spent in no way quick at all.

So here we go......

A San Francisco Salon type discussion group with some thoughts on ...well go and see!

Satire and Stereotypes...a winning combination?

Anxiety and the theatre. The Good the Bad and the Ugly. Man can I relate to this. Sitting in the audience praying that someone will get through a scene is not my idea of an exhilarating evening of theatre.

Green Room? Yeah why is it called that?

And finally there has been much talk about the melanin challenged state of Vancouver theatre. You can follow the discussion here, here and here.

Some posts to come include final thoughts on Toronto the Good, My trip to see Ruined in New York and what the heck is Obsidian up to in the next few months.

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