Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post Past

So I have heard of Post Modern and Post Modernism.
I have heard of Post-Realism and even of Post Racial .
But I have come to the conclusion that I am now Post Past. As in Post the Past. This came clearly into focus for me at the Prismatic conference where the split in thought was most clear. There are some people who still feel defined by what has gone on historically and there are some who have put that knowledge into a secondary or tertiary position and have other objectives as they move forward. I am really not one to deny folks what they need to do but for myself and Obsidian I am really trying to look forward instead of back.

Here is a very handy fellow. Used to be a god in fact.

So Janus for whom the month of January is named after is depicted both looking backward into the past and forward into the future at the same time. Kind of like the original "this door swings both ways" But I digress.
It seems to me that being focused in just one direction contains the seeds of problems just waiting to be born. Thus I am attempting to be Post Past where, while cognizant of the past, I am now directing my energies towards the future and spending more time on the creation of the art that I believe in as opposed to countless hours trying to un-stack the deck of the current funding modalities.

Until the reality of the changing demographics smack the Euro-based theatres square in the face nothing will change.

Until the councils move their funding models away from giving the lion's share of funding to the anchor / venue based organizations nothing will change. So be it.

I may not be able to effect that change but I can do the best of all work so that the quality of what we do is unquestioned.

Instead of trying to force our work into venues that don't understand it I am concentrating on our work in the sure and certain knowledge that what we do will be desirable, prepared and compelling in both its quality and scope.

I want history to colour my cloak but not my glasses.

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