Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ad Hoc Assembly

 The Ad Hoc Assembly is a loose coalition of aboriginal and culturally diverse arts organizations that have come together to re-define the working arts landscape.


            The Ad Hoc Assembly is comprised of Aboriginal and culturally diverse companies and artists and other organizations that support their work. This group has joined together to create a new artistic working relationship between performing artists and organizations.

            We are seeking a new model that will reflect the specific needs of the Aboriginal and culturally diverse artists and organizations; a new model that redefines the role of artists by empowering them with choices that reflect their own artistic desires.

a)      Whereas the undersigned organizations have agreed to form a voluntary body representative of diverse performance creators in Canada

b)      Whereas we understand diversity to refer to ethno-cultural diversity, and also to diversity of form and practice; and we understand representation to be a broader and deeper issue than the engagement of diverse actors in ‘mainstream’ performance works.

c)      Whereas there is a clear and present need to acknowledge diverse organizations as an integral voice in contemporary Canadian arts.

d)      Whereas the current institutionalized ecology of Canadian performing arts is neither representative of, nor conducive to evolving practises in diverse performance creation and/or to classical practises outside of the European cultural context

e)      Whereas the lack of access for diverse artists to the means of production makes it imperative that the institutionalized ecology of Canadian performing arts evolve to support, acknowledge and represent the breadth of professional practice in these contexts

f)        Whereas this disenfranchisement / disempowerment is embodied in the fact that there is currently no accessible professional performance venue in Canada owned and operated by a diverse organization.

We hereby affirm the Ad Hoc Assembly’s intention to pursue change that will support and facilitate the growth and development of theatre in Canada by means that celebrate diverse artistic practises and promote respect for all artists.

It is declared that representation by members of the Ad Hoc Assembly in discussions and initiatives regarding diversity in Canadian theatre is absolutely essential for the inclusion of national diverse performance creating perspectives.

It is further understood that initiatives where Ad Hoc Assembly is not represented will fail to genuinely incorporate the interests of Canada’s diverse professional performance creators.

The Ad Hoc Assembly is committed to equity, fairness, artistic freedom, individual autonomy, collective effort and excellence in the performing arts. We welcome all initiatives and discussions that affirm these principles.

We undertake to ensure that diverse artists and arts practises are given voice and presence in the Canadian theatre ecology. 

Signed as of November 3, 2010

Cahoots Theatre Company
Concrete Theatre
Debajehmujig- Storytellers
fu-Gen Asian Canadian Theatre Company
Full Circle: First Nations Performance
Native Earth Performing Arts
Neworld Theatre
Obsidian Theatre Company
Onelight Theatre
Playwrights’ Workshop Montréal
Teesri Duniya Theatre
Theatre Archipelago
urban ink Production Society

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