Saturday, December 6, 2008


From the Noises Off Blog some interesting thoughts about blogging rehearsals and even streaming rehearsals. I have often joked how I would love to have a web cam in certain rehearsal halls and now Ontological-Hysteria Theatre is doing it.

I wonder how that might play out here. I suppose it could only be done by an indie theatre not using C.A.E.A members but even so it might make for an intriguing event in and of itself.
The possibilities of perhaps comparing rehearsal to finished scenes might even prove to be a play on it’s own.

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MK Piatkowski said...

I blogged during the rehearsals for our Summerworks show, Kingship de Facto. I found it was tricky trying to outline what was happening in the room while keeping the integrity of the process intact, also keeping in mind that the blog was a sales tool as well. But I believe it was worthwhile.