Monday, August 18, 2008

Via Arts Journal there are a couple of interesting links today.

The first is about the L.A. based Celebration Theatre and the vision of the new artistic director to broaden the reach/mandate/ audience. It's interesting since as the premiere gay theatre he is looking to non white gays, lesbians and heteros to be part of the new mix. I will try and watch this one with interest as broadening a mandate can be a road fraught with peril. Also of interest is the financial side of the organization. I have to say that it makes me grateful for the support we currently have here.

The second is about the possible amalgamation of the two major theatres in Perth, Australia. I found myself imagining what that would be like if we had an amalgamation issue here in Toronto. The last one I can remember was between Toronto Free Theatre and Centre Stage to create Canadian Stage. Why does that seem like just the other day when in fact it was ummmmmm way too long ago.

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