Saturday, December 18, 2010

Domini Blythe 1947-2010

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What can I say. She was lovely. She was supremely talented. She was the devastatingly beautiful woman I got to work with in my first professional job.

We all played poker one night. She would always say something like "Darling I am so sorry that four of a kind beat your two pair" and take all my money.
I never minded because she was Domini Blythe.

I asked her once why she kept a couple of hundred dollars in her passport. And why she kept her passport with her all the time. She said "Darling you never know when you might have to run for the airport."

The story is told that while at the Citadel Theatre Lorraine Price's young son asked her why she said "Darling" all the time. Domini replied "Well Darling, it's because I'm affected."

I had not seen her for years but I will miss her.

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