Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Quickies

Rising from the depths of rehearsal and grants just long enough to leave you with a taste of Sunday Quickies.

You got to hand it to Classical Theatre Projects. They make an R & J that provokes nary a dispute here in Canada but they are Just too Racy for Nashville. I wonder if anyone in Nashville actually listens to the words in country songs.

An interesting retreat in Sacramento on how to make the case that the arts matter.

The rest of this post seems to be all about shuffling off the mortal coil. I mean we always hear how the audiences are getting older, how it also seems that actors get older too. Who knew?

Some German actors in an attempt to make things more real get close to too real.

And finally Taffety Punk Theatre Company and their show, suicide.chat.room

And so Shakespeare to wrap this post.

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