Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Quickies

So the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is actually walking the diversity talk in a big way. I wonder how they can do it and so many others just can’t.

Far From the Spotlight, a Brewing Fight Over Theatrical Rights
Another fine example of how playwrights get hosed. I have never heard of anyone in Canada getting anything even close to 40% of subsequent author royalties but I know that it has been an issue in some negotiations. Lets just say no to chiseling back money from playwrights. Especially if we are developmental companies whose mandate it is to develop and produce original work.

So with that in mind why don’t we ….. Adopt a Playwright

On the other hand. It doesn’t matter how surreptitious you think you are while checking your phone during a performance those around you cannot help but say….Look! Something Bright and Shiny!

Now this is something that should be taught in all theatre schools.

And as we circle back to the top we find another take on what diversity means

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