Sunday, November 16, 2008

Alison Croggon

Alison Croggon, a theatre blogger from Australia writes in her post "Hope and so on"

"Culture isn’t the same as art. Culture is the contract, however defined, between an artist and his or her public. Culture is the lively communal yeast that makes everything rise. It’s the air that lets art breathe, the space where it can swing its arms, the multiple influences that flavour it.

If our theatre culture is deeply impoverished, it’s not because there are not committed and skilful artists, or that there aren’t audiences – even enthusiastic audiences – for what they do. It’s because something crucial is missing in between, in that implicit contract between the creation and reception of art. Whatever the causes – and they are manifold, historical and difficult to track – the effects are plain."

This is a huge post that is, in it's references, quite Australian. However I think that we here in Canada could make the necessary substitutions. This is a post well worth reading all the way through.

The front page of her blog, theatre notes, is here. And I will be adding her to the blogroll as I find her a fascinating read.


MK Piatkowski said...

I love Alison! One of the best reviewers in Australia as well. Glad to see you've discovered her.

Obsidian Theatre said...

She makes me feel like I am a bit lazy what with writing such fine articles and I, thus far, am tending to rant a bit and do many links. I really need some more hours in the day. If they can change daylight savings time can't they add just a few more hors so that I can get everything done in time?