Sunday, July 20, 2008

I have wanted to write a blog for a good long time now but frankly time was short and the arts discussions were long. I read a number of other blogs regularly. They range from political to personal to arts to knitting to fountain pens. Now in truth I don't knit but The Panopticon is such a great read that I could never resist. And Franklin's 1000 knitter project is one of the nicest arts projects around.

Reading blogs helped me find plays for this season{Black Medea}  and last {Intimate Apparel}. They have sparked much debate for me and have led to great discussion points in our playwright's unit. The current discussion that is ranging over the theatresphere of arts admins vs artists was the Tipping Point for me so here I am.

Thanks to Mike over at Theatre is Territory for the final little shove.

Nsaa is the name of an Adrinka symbol for hand-woven cloth  that stands for excellence, genuineness and authenticity. I had thought of my favourite martial arts phrase of Jikishin {Direct Mind} as this blog's name but somehow the idea of thoughts, desires and words weaving together through discussion seemed more relevant. I am not that interested in this being a marketing space but rather one that can be far ranging and a little bit eclectic.

Much like what goes on in my head.

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